Love Calculator by Name

True Love Calculator by Name

How to Use the True Love Calculator by Name

  1. Enter Your Name:
    • Find the input field labeled "Your Name."
    • Type your name into the field.
  2. Enter Your Crush's Name:
    • Find the input field labeled "Your Crush's Name."
    • Type your crush's name into the field.
  3. Calculate Love Score:
    • After entering both names, click the "Calculate" button.
    • The tool will calculate the love score based on the combined names.
  4. View the Result:
    • Your love score will be displayed as a percentage along with a heart icon.
    • A higher percentage suggests a potentially stronger connection.
  5. Reset for New Calculation:
    • To perform a new calculation, click the "Reset" button.
    • This will clear the input fields, allowing you to start fresh with new names.


  • The True Love Calculator is meant for fun and entertainment purposes only and does not provide scientifically accurate predictions.
  • Share your love score with friends and enjoy!

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