😉 Winking face

Emoji Meanings

Apple winking face
Google Winking face
Twitter Winking face
Unicode winking face
Synonyms face and wink
Tags Happy Emoji
Category Smileys & People , Face Smiling
😉 1F609 winking face

Similar Smileys & People| face smiling Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 😁 eye, face, grin, and smile 1F601
2 😂 face, joy, laugh, and tear 1F602
3 😃 face, happy, mouth, open, and smile 1F603
4 😄 eye, face, happy, mouth, open, and smile 1F604
5 😅 cold, face, open, smile, and sweat 1F605
6 😀 face, grin, and happy 1F600
7 😆 face, laugh, mouth, open, satisfied, and smile 1F606
8 🙂 face, happy, and smile 1F642
9 😇 angel, face, fairy tale, fantasy, halo, innocent, and smile 1F607
10 😊 blush, eye, face, and smile 1F60A
11 🙃 face and upside-down 1F643
12 😉 face and wink 1F609