🍷 Wine glass

Emoji Meanings

Apple wine glass
Google Wine glass
Twitter Wine glass
Unicode wine glass
Synonyms bar, beverage, drink, glass, and wine
Tags Party Emoji , Red Emoji
Category Food & Drink , Beverage
🍷 1F377 wine glass

Similar Food & Drink| beverage Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 🍼 baby, bottle, drink, and milk 1F37C
2 🍺 bar, beer, drink, and mug 1F37A
3 🍾 bar, bottle, champagne, cork, drink, party, and popping 1F37E
4 🍻 bar, beer, clink, drink, and mug 1F37B
5 🍸 bar, cocktail, drink, and glass 1F378
6 🍶 bar, beverage, bottle, cup, drink, and sake 1F376
7 🍵 beverage, cup, drink, tea, and teacup 1F375
8 🍹 bar, drink, and tropical 1F379
9 🍷 bar, beverage, drink, glass, and wine 1F377