🔳 White square button

Emoji Meanings

Apple white square button
Google White square button
Twitter White square button
Unicode white square button
Synonyms button, geometric, outlined, and square
Category Symbols , Geometric
🔳 1F533 white square button

Similar Symbols| geometric Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 🔲 button, geometric, and square 1F532
2 🔵 blue, circle, and geometric 1F535
3 💠 comic, diamond, geometric, and inside 1F4A0
4 🔷 blue, diamond, and geometric 1F537
5 🔶 diamond, geometric, and orange 1F536
6 🔘 button, geometric, and radio 1F518
7 🔴 circle, geometric, and red 1F534
8 🔺 geometric, red, and up 1F53A
9 🔳 button, geometric, outlined, and square 1F533