🙀 Weary cat

Emoji Meanings

Apple cat face screaming in fear
Google Weary cat face
Twitter Weary cat face
Unicode weary cat
Synonyms cat, face, oh, surprised, and weary
Tags Cat Emoji , Scared Emoji
Category Smileys & People , Cat Face
🙀 1F640 weary cat

Similar Smileys & People| cat face Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 😹 cat, face, joy, and tear 1F639
2 😼 cat, face, ironic, smile, and wry 1F63C
3 😿 cat, cry, face, sad, and tear 1F63F
4 😸 cat, eye, face, grin, and smile 1F638
5 😺 cat, face, grinning, mouth, open, and smile 1F63A
6 😽 cat, eye, face, and kiss 1F63D
7 😾 cat, face, and pouting 1F63E
8 😻 cat, eye, face, heart, love, and smile 1F63B
9 🙀 cat, face, oh, surprised, and weary 1F640