🎮 Video game

Emoji Meanings

Apple video game controller
Google Video game
Twitter Video game
Unicode video game
Synonyms controller, entertainment, game, and video game
Tags Game Emoji
Category Activities , Game
🎮 1F3AE video game

Similar Activities| game Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 đŸŽ¯ activity, bull, bullseye, dart, direct hit, entertainment, eye, game, hit, and target 1F3AF
2 🔮 ball, crystal, fairy tale, fantasy, fortune, and tool 1F52E
3 🎴 Japanese, activity, card, entertainment, flower, game, japanese, and playing 1F3B4
4 🎲 dice, die, entertainment, and game 1F3B2
5 🃏 card, entertainment, game, joker, playing, and wildcard 1F0CF
6 🕹ī¸ entertainment, game, joystick, and video game 1F579 FE0F
7 🀄 game, mahjong, and red 1F004
8 🎱 8, 8 ball, ball, billiard, eight, and game 1F3B1
9 🎰 activity, game, and slot 1F3B0
10 🎮 controller, entertainment, game, and video game 1F3AE
11 đŸ”Ģ gun, handgun, pistol, revolver, squirt, tool, water, and weapon 1F52B