🍦 Soft ice cream

Emoji Meanings

Apple soft ice cream
Google Soft ice cream
Twitter Soft ice cream
Unicode soft ice cream
Synonyms cream, dessert, ice, icecream, soft, and sweet
Category Food & Drink , Dessert
🍦 1F366 soft ice cream

Similar Food & Drink| dessert Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 🎂 birthday, cake, celebration, dessert, pastry, and sweet 1F382
2 🍬 candy, dessert, and sweet 1F36C
3 🍫 bar, chocolate, dessert, and sweet 1F36B
4 🍪 cookie, dessert, and sweet 1F36A
5 🍮 custard, dessert, pudding, and sweet 1F36E
6 🍩 breakfast, dessert, donut, doughnut, and sweet 1F369
7 🍯 honey, honeypot, pot, and sweet 1F36F
8 🍨 cream, dessert, ice, and sweet 1F368
9 🍭 candy, dessert, lollipop, and sweet 1F36D
10 🍧 dessert, ice, shaved, and sweet 1F367
11 🍰 cake, dessert, pastry, shortcake, slice, and sweet 1F370
12 🍦 cream, dessert, ice, icecream, soft, and sweet 1F366