🔀 Shuffle tracks button

Emoji Meanings

Apple shuffle tracks symbol
Google Twisted rightwards arrows
Twitter Twisted rightwards arrows
Unicode shuffle tracks button
Synonyms arrow, crossed, and shuffle tracks button
Tags Arrow Emoji
Category Symbols , Video Symbol
🔀 1F500 shuffle tracks button

Similar Symbols| video symbol Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 📶 antenna, bar, cell, communication, mobile, phone, signal, and telephone 1F4F6
2 🎦 activity, camera, cinema, entertainment, film, and movie 1F3A6
3 🔅 brightness, dim, and low 1F505
4 🔽 arrow, button, down, down button, and red 1F53D
5 📴 cell, communication, mobile, off, phone, and telephone 1F4F4
6 🔁 arrow, clockwise, repeat, and repeat button 1F501
7 🔂 arrow, clockwise, once, and repeat button 1F502
8 🔀 arrow, crossed, and shuffle tracks button 1F500
9 🔼 arrow, button, red, and up button 1F53C
10 📳 cell, communication, mobile, mode, phone, telephone, and vibration 1F4F3