🌾 Sheaf of rice

Emoji Meanings

Apple ear of rice
Google Ear of rice
Twitter Ear of rice
Unicode sheaf of rice
Synonyms ear, grain, plant, rice, and sheaf of rice
Tags Green Emoji , Yellow Emoji
Category Animals & Nature , Plant (Other)
🌾 1F33E sheaf of rice

Similar Animals & Nature| plant (other) Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 🌵 cactus and plant 1F335
2 🌳 deciduous, plant, shedding, and tree 1F333
3 🌲 evergreen, plant, and tree 1F332
4 🍂 falling, leaf, and plant 1F342
5 🍀 4, clover, four, four-leaf clover, leaf, and plant 1F340
6 🌿 herb, leaf, and plant 1F33F
7 🍃 blow, flutter, leaf, plant, and wind 1F343
8 🍁 falling, leaf, maple, and plant 1F341
9 🍄 mushroom, plant, and toadstool 1F344
10 🌴 palm, plant, and tree 1F334
11 🌱 plant, seedling, and young 1F331
12 🌾 ear, grain, plant, rice, and sheaf of rice 1F33E