🚨 Police car light

Emoji Meanings

Apple police car’s light
Google Police cars revolving light
Twitter Police cars revolving light
Unicode police car light
Synonyms alert, beacon, car, light, police, revolving, siren, and vehicle
Tags Red Emoji
Category Travel & Places , Land Transportation
🚨 1F6A8 police car light

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Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 πŸš‘ ambulance and vehicle 1F691
2 πŸš› lorry, semi, truck, and vehicle 1F69B
3 πŸš— automobile, car, and vehicle 1F697
4 πŸš… bullet, railway, shinkansen, speed, train, and vehicle 1F685
5 🚏 bus, busstop, and stop 1F68F
6 🚌 bus and vehicle 1F68C
7 🚧 barrier and construction 1F6A7
8 🚚 delivery, truck, and vehicle 1F69A
9 πŸš’ engine, fire, truck, and vehicle 1F692
10 πŸš„ railway, shinkansen, speed, train, and vehicle 1F684
11 πŸš₯ light, signal, and traffic 1F6A5
12 🚈 railway and vehicle 1F688
13 πŸš‚ engine, locomotive, railway, steam, train, and vehicle 1F682
14 πŸš‡ metro, subway, and vehicle 1F687
15 🚐 bus, minibus, and vehicle 1F690
16 🚝 monorail and vehicle 1F69D
17 🏍️ motorcycle and racing 1F3CD FE0F
18 🚞 car, mountain, railway, and vehicle 1F69E
19 🚨 alert, beacon, car, light, police, revolving, siren, and vehicle 1F6A8
20 πŸš“ car, patrol, police, and vehicle 1F693
21 🏎️ car and racing 1F3CE FE0F
22 πŸšƒ car, electric, railway, train, tram, trolleybus, and vehicle 1F683
23 πŸš™ recreational, rv, sport utility, and vehicle 1F699
24 πŸš‰ railway, station, train, and vehicle 1F689
25 πŸš• taxi and vehicle 1F695
26 🚜 tractor and vehicle 1F69C
27 πŸš† railway, train, and vehicle 1F686
28 πŸš‹ car, tram, trolleybus, and vehicle 1F68B
29 🚊 tram, trolleybus, and vehicle 1F68A
30 🚎 bus, tram, trolley, trolleybus, and vehicle 1F68E