πŸ†• NEW button

The πŸ†• emoji, often referred to as the "New" button, signifies freshness, novelty, or the introduction of something recently created or discovered. It's commonly used to highlight new products, features, or updates. The bold "NEW" label inside a square suggests excitement and attention to what is newly available or announced.

Emoji Meanings

Apple new sign
Google Squared new
Twitter Squared new
Unicode NEW button
Synonyms NEW and new
Category Symbols , Alphanum
πŸ†• 1F195 NEW button

Similar Symbols| alphanum Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 πŸ†“ FREE and free 1F193
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3 πŸ”€ abc, alphabet, input, latin, and letters 1F524
4 πŸ”‘ abcd, input, latin, letters, and lowercase 1F521
5 πŸ”  ABCD, input, latin, letters, and uppercase 1F520
6 πŸ”’ 1234, input, and numbers 1F522
7 πŸ”£ input and γ€’β™ͺ&% 1F523
8 πŸ†• NEW and new 1F195
9 πŸ†– NG and ng 1F196
10 πŸ…ΎοΈ O, blood, blood type, and o 1F17E FE0F
11 πŸ†— OK and ok 1F197
12 πŸ…ΏοΈ P and parking 1F17F FE0F
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14 πŸ†™ UP, UP!, mark, and up 1F199
15 πŸ†š VS, versus, and vs 1F19A