💻 Laptop

Emoji Meanings

Apple laptop
Google Personal computer
Twitter Personal computer
Unicode laptop
Synonyms computer, laptop computer, pc, and personal
Category Objects , Computer
💻 1F4BB laptop

Similar Objects| computer Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 🔋 battery, electronic, and high energy 1F50B
2 🖱️ 3, button, computer, mouse, and three 1F5B1 FE0F
3 🖥️ computer and desktop 1F5A5 FE0F
4 📀 Blu-ray, DVD, blu-ray, cd, computer, disk, dvd, entertainment, and optical 1F4C0
5 🔌 electric, electricity, and plug 1F50C
6 💾 computer, disk, and floppy 1F4BE
7 💻 computer, laptop computer, pc, and personal 1F4BB
8 🖨️ computer and printer 1F5A8 FE0F
9 🖲️ computer and trackball 1F5B2 FE0F