*️⃣ Keycap asterisk

The *️⃣ emoji is like a little star inside a box. It's used in messages and games. Sometimes it means "star" or "asterisk." Other times, it's like a special button you can press. It's fun to use and can show different things depending on the situation.

Emoji Meanings

Apple keycap asterisk
Google N/A
Twitter Keycap asterisk
Unicode N/A
Synonyms asterisk, keycap, and star
Tags Bullet Point
Category Symbols , Keycap
*️⃣ 2A FE0F 20E3 Keycap asterisk
*⃣ 2A 20E3(*)

Similar Symbols| keycap Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 *️⃣ asterisk, keycap, and star 2A FE0F 20E3
2 #️⃣ hash, keycap, and pound 23 FE0F 20E3
3 🔟 10, keycap, and ten 1F51F