#️⃣ Keycap number sign

The #️⃣ emoji, known as the "Number Sign" or "Hash Key," typically represents a numerical value or is used to indicate numbering in lists or sequences. Additionally, it's widely recognized as the symbol for hashtags, serving to categorize or group related content on social media platforms. Its appearance varies across platforms but usually consists of a bold number sign followed by a number.

Emoji Meanings

Apple number sign
Google N/A
Twitter Keycap number sign
Unicode N/A
Synonyms hash, keycap, and pound
Tags Bullet Point
Category Symbols , Keycap
#️⃣ 23 FE0F 20E3 Keycap number sign
#⃣ 23 20E3(*)

Similar Symbols| keycap Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 *️⃣ asterisk, keycap, and star 2A FE0F 20E3
2 #️⃣ hash, keycap, and pound 23 FE0F 20E3
3 🔟 10, keycap, and ten 1F51F