🎎 Japanese dolls

Emoji Meanings

Apple Japanese dolls
Google Japanese dolls
Twitter Japanese dolls
Unicode Japanese dolls
Synonyms Japanese, activity, celebration, doll, entertainment, festival, and japanese
Tags Japanese Culture Emoji
Category Activities , Event
🎎 1F38E Japanese dolls

Similar Activities| event Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 🎟️ admission, entertainment, and ticket 1F39F FE0F
2 🎈 activity, balloon, celebration, and entertainment 1F388
3 🎏 activity, carp, celebration, entertainment, flag, and streamer 1F38F
4 🎄 Christmas, activity, celebration, christmas, entertainment, and tree 1F384
5 🎊 activity, ball, celebration, confetti, and entertainment 1F38A
6 🎆 activity, celebration, entertainment, and fireworks 1F386
7 🎃 activity, celebration, entertainment, halloween, jack, lantern, and pumpkin 1F383
8 🎎 Japanese, activity, celebration, doll, entertainment, festival, and japanese 1F38E
9 🎑 activity, celebration, ceremony, entertainment, and moon 1F391
10 🎉 activity, celebration, entertainment, party, popper, and tada 1F389
11 🎍 Japanese, activity, bamboo, celebration, japanese, pine, and plant 1F38D
12 🎗️ celebration, reminder, and ribbon 1F397 FE0F
13 🎀 celebration and ribbon 1F380
14 🎇 activity, celebration, entertainment, fireworks, and sparkle 1F387
15 🎋 Japanese, activity, banner, celebration, entertainment, japanese, and tree 1F38B
16 🎫 activity, admission, entertainment, and ticket 1F3AB
17 🎐 activity, bell, celebration, chime, entertainment, and wind 1F390
18 🎁 box, celebration, entertainment, gift, present, and wrapped 1F381