πŸ†“ FREE button

The πŸ†“ emoji, often called the "Free" button, symbolizes liberation, freedom, or no cost. It's commonly used to indicate something available at no charge or to promote a giveaway or offer. The bold "FREE" label inside a square conveys a sense of liberation and opportunity in digital communication.

Emoji Meanings

Apple free sign
Google Squared free
Twitter Squared free
Unicode FREE button
Synonyms FREE and free
Category Symbols , Alphanum
πŸ†“ 1F193 FREE button

Similar Symbols| alphanum Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 πŸ†“ FREE and free 1F193
2 πŸ†” ID, id, and identity 1F194
3 πŸ”€ abc, alphabet, input, latin, and letters 1F524
4 πŸ”‘ abcd, input, latin, letters, and lowercase 1F521
5 πŸ”  ABCD, input, latin, letters, and uppercase 1F520
6 πŸ”’ 1234, input, and numbers 1F522
7 πŸ”£ input and γ€’β™ͺ&% 1F523
8 πŸ†• NEW and new 1F195
9 πŸ†– NG and ng 1F196
10 πŸ…ΎοΈ O, blood, blood type, and o 1F17E FE0F
11 πŸ†— OK and ok 1F197
12 πŸ…ΏοΈ P and parking 1F17F FE0F
13 πŸ†˜ SOS, help, and sos 1F198
14 πŸ†™ UP, UP!, mark, and up 1F199
15 πŸ†š VS, versus, and vs 1F19A