🍥 Fish cake with swirl

Emoji Meanings

Apple fish cake with swirl design
Google Fish cake with swirl design
Twitter Fish cake with swirl design
Unicode fish cake with swirl
Synonyms cake, fish, pastry, and swirl
Tags Japanese Culture Emoji
Category Food & Drink , Asian Food
🍥 1F365 fish cake with swirl

Similar Food & Drink| asian food Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 🍱 bento and box 1F371
2 🍚 cooked and rice 1F35A
3 🍛 curry and rice 1F35B
4 🍡 Japanese, dango, dessert, japanese, skewer, stick, and sweet 1F361
5 🍥 cake, fish, pastry, and swirl 1F365
6 🍤 fried, prawn, shrimp, and tempura 1F364
7 🍢 kebab, oden, seafood, skewer, and stick 1F362
8 🍙 Japanese, ball, japanese, and rice 1F359
9 🍘 cracker and rice 1F358
10 🍠 potato, roasted, and sweet 1F360
11 🍝 pasta and spaghetti 1F35D
12 🍜 bowl, noodle, ramen, soup, and steaming 1F35C
13 🍣 sushi 1F363