🏑 Field hockey

Emoji Meanings

Apple field hockey stick and ball
Google Field hockey stick and ball
Twitter Field hockey stick and ball
Unicode field hockey
Synonyms ball, field, game, hockey, and stick
Category Activities , Sport
🏑 1F3D1 field hockey

Similar Activities| sport Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 🏈 american, ball, and football 1F3C8
2 🏸 badminton, birdie, game, racquet, and shuttlecock 1F3F8
3 🏀 ball, basketball, and hoop 1F3C0
4 🎳 ball, bowling, and game 1F3B3
5 🏏 ball, bat, cricket, field, and game 1F3CF
6 🏑 ball, field, game, hockey, and stick 1F3D1
7 🎣 entertainment, fish, and pole 1F3A3
8 🏒 game, hockey, ice, puck, and stick 1F3D2
9 🏓 ball, bat, game, paddle, and table tennis 1F3D3
10 🏉 ball, football, and rugby 1F3C9
11 🎽 athletics, running, sash, and shirt 1F3BD
12 🎿 ski, skis, and snow 1F3BF
13 🎾 ball, racquet, and tennis 1F3BE
14 🏐 ball, game, and volleyball 1F3D0