🆑 CL button

The 🆑 emoji, commonly known as "CL" or "CL Button," symbolizes "clear" or "clearance" in various contexts, including resetting, erasing, or resolving. It's often used in interfaces to indicate clearing or completing a task. Additionally, it signifies understanding or agreement in informal communication, especially on social media platforms.

Emoji Meanings

Apple CL sign
Google Squared CL
Twitter Squared cl
Unicode CL button
Synonyms CL and cl
Tags Red Emoji
Category Symbols" , Alphanum
🆑 1F191 CL button

Similar Symbols Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 0ī¸âƒŖ 0, keycap, and zero 30 FE0F 20E3
2 1ī¸âƒŖ 1, keycap, and one 31 FE0F 20E3
3 2ī¸âƒŖ 2, keycap, and two 32 FE0F 20E3
4 3ī¸âƒŖ 3, keycap, and three 33 FE0F 20E3
5 4ī¸âƒŖ 4, four, and keycap 34 FE0F 20E3
6 5ī¸âƒŖ 5, five, and keycap 35 FE0F 20E3
7 6ī¸âƒŖ 6, keycap, and six 36 FE0F 20E3
8 7ī¸âƒŖ 7, keycap, and seven 37 FE0F 20E3
9 8ī¸âƒŖ 8, eight, and keycap 38 FE0F 20E3
10 9ī¸âƒŖ 9, keycap, and nine 39 FE0F 20E3
11 🅰ī¸ A, a, blood, and blood type 1F170 FE0F
12 🆎 AB, ab, blood, and blood type 1F18E
13 🅱ī¸ B, b, blood, and blood type 1F171 FE0F
14 🆑 CL and cl 1F191
15 🆒 COOL and cool 1F192
16 Šī¸ C and copyright A9 FE0F