🎄 Christmas tree

Emoji Meanings

Apple Christmas tree
Google Christmas tree
Twitter Christmas tree
Unicode Christmas tree
Synonyms Christmas, activity, celebration, christmas, entertainment, and tree
Tags Christmas Emoji , Green Emoji
Category Activities , Event
🎄 1F384 Christmas tree

Similar Activities| event Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 🎟️ admission, entertainment, and ticket 1F39F FE0F
2 🎈 activity, balloon, celebration, and entertainment 1F388
3 🎏 activity, carp, celebration, entertainment, flag, and streamer 1F38F
4 🎄 Christmas, activity, celebration, christmas, entertainment, and tree 1F384
5 🎊 activity, ball, celebration, confetti, and entertainment 1F38A
6 🎆 activity, celebration, entertainment, and fireworks 1F386
7 🎃 activity, celebration, entertainment, halloween, jack, lantern, and pumpkin 1F383
8 🎎 Japanese, activity, celebration, doll, entertainment, festival, and japanese 1F38E
9 🎑 activity, celebration, ceremony, entertainment, and moon 1F391
10 🎉 activity, celebration, entertainment, party, popper, and tada 1F389
11 🎍 Japanese, activity, bamboo, celebration, japanese, pine, and plant 1F38D
12 🎗️ celebration, reminder, and ribbon 1F397 FE0F
13 🎀 celebration and ribbon 1F380
14 🎇 activity, celebration, entertainment, fireworks, and sparkle 1F387
15 🎋 Japanese, activity, banner, celebration, entertainment, japanese, and tree 1F38B
16 🎫 activity, admission, entertainment, and ticket 1F3AB
17 🎐 activity, bell, celebration, chime, entertainment, and wind 1F390
18 🎁 box, celebration, entertainment, gift, present, and wrapped 1F381