🍫 Chocolate bar

Emoji Meanings

Apple chocolate bar
Google Chocolate bar
Twitter Chocolate bar
Unicode chocolate bar
Synonyms bar, chocolate, dessert, and sweet
Category Food & Drink , Dessert
🍫 1F36B chocolate bar

Similar Food & Drink| dessert Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 🎂 birthday, cake, celebration, dessert, pastry, and sweet 1F382
2 🍬 candy, dessert, and sweet 1F36C
3 🍫 bar, chocolate, dessert, and sweet 1F36B
4 🍪 cookie, dessert, and sweet 1F36A
5 🍮 custard, dessert, pudding, and sweet 1F36E
6 🍩 breakfast, dessert, donut, doughnut, and sweet 1F369
7 🍯 honey, honeypot, pot, and sweet 1F36F
8 🍨 cream, dessert, ice, and sweet 1F368
9 🍭 candy, dessert, lollipop, and sweet 1F36D
10 🍧 dessert, ice, shaved, and sweet 1F367
11 🍰 cake, dessert, pastry, shortcake, slice, and sweet 1F370
12 🍦 cream, dessert, ice, icecream, soft, and sweet 1F366