📷 Camera

Emoji Meanings

Apple camera
Google Camera
Twitter Camera
Unicode camera
Synonyms camera, entertainment, and video
Tags Camera Emoji
Category Objects , Light & Video
📷 1F4F7 camera
📸 1F4F8 camera with flash

Similar Objects| light & video Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 📷 camera, entertainment, and video 1F4F7
2 🕯️ candle and light 1F56F FE0F
3 🎬 activity, clapper, entertainment, and movie 1F3AC
4 🎞️ cinema, entertainment, film, frames, and movie 1F39E FE0F
5 📽️ cinema, entertainment, film, movie, projector, and video 1F4FD FE0F
6 🔦 electric, flashlight, light, tool, and torch 1F526
7 💡 bulb, comic, electric, idea, and light 1F4A1
8 🔍 glass, magnifying, search, and tool 1F50D
9 🎥 activity, camera, cinema, entertainment, and movie 1F3A5
10 🏮 bar, japanese, lantern, light, red, and red paper lantern 1F3EE
11 📺 entertainment, television, tv, and video 1F4FA
12 📹 camera, entertainment, and video 1F4F9
13 📼 entertainment, tape, vhs, video, and videocassette 1F4FC