🏸 Badminton

Emoji Meanings

Apple badminton racquet and shuttlecock
Google Badminton racquet and shuttlecock
Twitter Badminton racquet and shuttlecock
Unicode badminton
Synonyms badminton, birdie, game, racquet, and shuttlecock
Category Activities , Sport
🏸 1F3F8 badminton

Similar Activities| sport Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 🏈 american, ball, and football 1F3C8
2 🏸 badminton, birdie, game, racquet, and shuttlecock 1F3F8
3 🏀 ball, basketball, and hoop 1F3C0
4 🎳 ball, bowling, and game 1F3B3
5 🏏 ball, bat, cricket, field, and game 1F3CF
6 🏑 ball, field, game, hockey, and stick 1F3D1
7 🎣 entertainment, fish, and pole 1F3A3
8 🏒 game, hockey, ice, puck, and stick 1F3D2
9 🏓 ball, bat, game, paddle, and table tennis 1F3D3
10 🏉 ball, football, and rugby 1F3C9
11 🎽 athletics, running, sash, and shirt 1F3BD
12 🎿 ski, skis, and snow 1F3BF
13 🎾 ball, racquet, and tennis 1F3BE
14 🏐 ball, game, and volleyball 1F3D0