👶 Baby

Emoji Meanings

Apple baby
Google Baby
Twitter Baby
Unicode baby
Synonyms baby and young
Tags Christmas Emoji
Category Smileys & People , Person
👶 1F476 baby

Similar Smileys & People| person Emojis

Sr. No Emoji Synonyms Unicode
1 👶 baby and young 1F476
2 👦 boy, child, and young 1F466
3 👧 Virgo, child, girl, maiden, virgin, virgo, young, and zodiac 1F467
4 👨 adult, male, man, men, and mustache 1F468
5 👴 adult, male, man, men, and old 1F474
6 👵 adult, female, old, woman, and women 1F475
7 👱 blond, blond-haired person, blonde, and hair 1F471
8 👩 adult, female, woman, and women 1F469